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At MR MARVIS I was part of The Creative Team as a Brand Designer. 

MR MARVIS is an Amsterdam based menswear brand with a focus on iconic shorts and trousers. All products are handmade in Portugal from high quality materials, in line with the slow fashion approach.



MR MARVIS advertises alongside exclusive brands in the most renowned magazines in Western Europe, including: Esquire, Zeit Magazin and Le Figaro Magazine. I have been responsible for image selection, layout and print technical aspects.

Instagram Feed


Instagram Feed / Stories


MR MARVIS has different social media channels, one of the biggest is Instagram. They use this platform to inspire their costumers with colourful and inspirational content. I have been in charge of their Instagram and was responsible for the image selection, creating content and the planning. 

To start the SS23 season, I thought also created some activation posts. 

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Instagram Stories


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